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Paraventure Airsports


We are one of the most renowned and longest established paragliding and paramotoring centres in the UK. This year we celebrate our 13th anniversary. We specialise only in the two amazing 21st century sports of paragliding and paramotoring and nothing else.

Ever since we became involved in these incredible activities our lives have changed beyond all recognition. Now as always we want to share this with you. Paragliding gives you an element of freedom which can only be imagined by those that have never taken part in this sport.

As free as the wind, you will have a new perspective on life and everything to do with it. Paramotoring in some respects offers even more freedom as we can fly from flat fields and not require hills or mountains. Some people prefer to learn to paraglide before learning to paramotor, others go straight into paramotoring from day one.

Whether you prefer paragliding, paramotoring or even both, we are here to help you. We are based in Abergavenny South Wales within easy reach of the M4 and the A40. Many of our clients are from well outside of Abergavenny and indeed South Wales with many travelling from the four corners of the UK.

As well as teaching people to fly we sell an enormous range of paragliding and paramotoring equipment. We supply everything from a complete paraglider or paramotor outfit, right down to simple items such as books, DVDs or a pair of gloves.

Public Transport Directions

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Road Directions

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