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Mark Youd - Universally Human


Mark Youd’s approach is to actively fragment his image by suggesting certain features rather than showing the whole face. Through drawing and re-drawing he abstracts the face to achieve an interesting image which may often be beyond recognition. For his paintings, Mark varies the surface textures building forms which oscillate between the novel and the familiar. The image moves in the viewer’s mind from a pure exploration of paint, into a more clearly understood organic form and into a fragmented human face.

New for this exhibition, Mark took the opportunity to experiment with the printmaking techniques of etching. He says “the prints in this show bridge the gap between my initial idea and starting a painting. Drawing allows me to answer compositional questions and is essential for me to understand the line, shape and volume of my subject”..


  • Café
  • Full disabled access
  • Free
  • Parking (charge)
  • Toilets