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Bolt Poetry Exhibition by Tobbe Malm.


Swedish Artist Travels to Rhondda gallery to celebrate mining heritage connection Renowned Swedish artist Tobbe Malm will be exhibiting his ‘Bolt Poetry’ sculpture with the Workers Gallery in the Rhondda from 9th March – 15th April 2017 in his first UK show. Tobbe Malm is a blacksmith artist born in the former iron mining town of Norberg, Sweden, in 1960. He created the Iron Rose for Norway (Jernrosen) Project in response to the fatal 2011 gun attack on Utøya in the Oslo fjord, which left 77 people dead. Malm asked people to forge to roses from iron. Hundreds of roses flooded in from all over the world; some delivered by hand from as far away as Australia. Meanwhile, Malm worked with survivors, their families, and those close to victims, to forge iron roses at his workshop. To date there are more than 900 pieces in the collection. Malm was awarded the 2014 Alfred Habermann Memorial Prize for his work. (Extract:


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