The Valleys
About the Valleys

About the Valleys

Naturally speaking

You might already have a picture in your mind of what holidays in the South Wales Valleys are all about.  It probably needs an update.  We’d like to introduce you to The Welsh Valleys of today.

We are very proud of our Industrial Heritage, The Valleys were at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.  Today you can follow the great stories and achievements of that age, history is all around, and on show in a range of Visitor Attractions, the only coal mine is Big Pit  in Blaenavon where you can take a tour with an ex miner. What you will also see are country parks, lakes and forests, open hillsides and green mountains. 

And here’s another surprise. The world is just waking up to the fact that The Valleys are home to a captivating choice of attractions and places to visits, like Caerphilly Castle or Blaenavon, a World Heritage site.  Not to mention the wide range of activities and events that can be played out against our terrific landscape. 

So you’ll find that things have changed. But what hasn’t altered is the strong Valleys spirit.  Walk into any hotel or restaurant and you will find that Valleys folk are genuinely warm and friendly.  It all comes naturally in the South Wales Valleys – the Heart & Soul of Wales.

For holidays or short breaks in South Wales, The Valleys make a refreshing change.