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Plaque in the memorial garden in Aberbargoed (CCBC)
In 1943 the body of Aberbargoed born Glyndwr Michael was released from a British submarine into the sea off the Spanish town of Huelva in a plot to confuse the German forces.

Carrying forged documents in an attache case padlocked to his body, he was picked up by a fisherman and his papers were intercepted by a Nazi agent. This was just as the British forces had planned. As a result the Germans were lured to Greece, making the Allied invasion of Sicily easier. Glyndwr was buried in Huelva as Major William Martin.

In 1998 when his true identity was revealed 'Glyndwr Michael - Served as Major William Martin' was added to his gravestone.

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A plaque in the memorial garden in Aberbargoed remembers Glyndwr Michael - The Man Who Never Was.

The war memorial and memorial garden in Aberbargoed, dedicated to the fallen from both World Wars, also remembers Glyndwr Michael, who was born and raised in the village. His body was used in ‘Operation Mincemeat’ which successfully duped the Germans about the invasion of Sicily and Greece during World War II. He was The Man Who Never Was.

Birth: Aberbargoed 04 January 1909
Glyndwr Michael
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